A FAQ and a Meeting, too!

Just added: a FAQ for your perusal. We hope this will be a good resource for the curious. As always, feel free to contact us directly with any questions, too.

Tonight’s meeting is the first event listed in our new Upcoming Events area of the sidebar. We’ll keep it up to date so you don’t miss out on anything. Hope to see some of you tonight!

Well, hello!

As we make progress in planning the first Sunday Assembly in Bellingham, we’ve been fielding lots of questions from folks who are interested in participating or learning more about The Sunday Assembly. This site will be updated regularly with information about our community and its happenings, in addition to our ethos, but while those updates are on their way, we’d like to direct you to the main Sunday Assembly website. The Sunday Assembly is “a global network¬†of¬†people who want to make the most of this one life we know we have.” If you’re wondering what a Godless celebration of life, wonder, and community set to pop songs looks like, Sunday Assembly San Diego has done us the solid of making videos available! We look forward to gathering together with you in song, for learning, for support and to eat cake. Please connect with us on Facebook!

Live better. Help often. Wonder more.